The Homeless youth risk and resiliency survey

What is the homeless Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey?

The HYRRS is an assessment tool and methodology that provides in depth detail on experiences of young people that will provide insight into differences and similarities across different cities and communities but also over time. 

HYRRS was created by the Research, Education, and Advocacy Co-Lab for Youth Stability and Thriving, or REALYST, is a national collaborative of academic and community partners that uses research to inform innovative policies, programs, and services aimed at ending homelessness and housing instability among young people. REALYST members are interdisciplinary, representing a variety of fields and research areas. Some members focus on sexual health, while others examine social media use and opportunities for innovative service outreach. The co-lab holds monthly meetings where members can seek consultation from colleagues and use feedback to build their programs of research. REALYST researchers co-author peer-reviewed papers, using data from the HYRRS, which to date has surveyed 1,426 young persons experiencing homelessness and housing instability across seven cities. Initial publications include an exploration of sexual health knowledge and access to HIV-prevention medication, service experiences of LGBTQ individuals, and prescription drug misuse. Learn more about the HYRRS here.

REALYST is committed to overcoming another common research challenge – making findings accessible to support service providers and policy makers invested in making evidence-informed decisions. Relationships between researchers and practitioners are integral to REALYST’s approach to advocacy and change. Community agencies assist with the collection of data, and researchers are committed to sharing findings with their community partners. A team of REALYST graduate students works to disseminate findings from recent publications via briefs, blog posts, and social media in order to inform policy makers and service providers, change public perception, and educate young people facing housing instability. In doing so, REALYST contributes to the Grand Challenge of Ending Homelessness by intentionally bridging the gap between research and practice to prevent and eliminate youth and young adult homelessness.

Lens Co partners with communities across the country to implement HYRRS locally and provide resources for advocacy.

San Jose 2019

Lens Co partnered with Bill Wilson Center to implement HYRRS the in Spring of 2019.