HYRRS Survey Procedures


  • Clipboard with recruitment sheet with refusal tracking

  • 50 copies of consent forms

  • Post its

  • Ipad chargers

  • Power strip

  • Hard copies of survey and qual interview

  • First aid kit

  • Hand sanitizer


  • One designated recruiter point person

  • One designated computer lab overseer and incentive distributor (PI

  • One designated person for qualitative interviewing

  • Minimum 3 people every day/ideal 4-5 for consenting

Step 1 - Recruitment

  • Recruiter stands near entrance of drop in center invites all that enter

  • “HI I’m from USC are you interested in participating in a research survey today? You will get 20$ in gift cards at the end?”

  • Keeps track of names and refusal rate. If they say yes connect with RA to consent. If all RA’s are unavailable, then take name to invite to consent when RAs are ready.

  • If potential participant say no, do slight more prodding, offer to for them to come back another day (“we will be here from this day to this date if you change your mind”)

Step 2 - Consent

  • Offer participant hard copy of consent form   

  • Consenting RA walks participant to ‘computer lab’ and confirms that computer is available. Stays with participant until the computer lab point person connects with participant.

Step 3 – Computer based survey

  • Computer lab PI loads qualtrics and logs participant on. Walks through initial screens.

  • Participant answers questions to create PID

  • If no middle name, use X, double digits for all

  • Payment- participant signs receipt with gift card