HYRRS Project Dashboard

Everything you need to know about the Homeless Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (HYRRS) study

Preparing key staff

  1. Fill out agency agreement document if consent happening at agencies that are not associated with USC email to robin@findyourlens.co.

  2. Identify key staff and enter their contact information here.

  3. All research assistants that are gathering contact information and participant consent and then directing participants to the online survey

    • Each person administering the survey will first need to set up an iStar account at the following link.

      • If unaffiliated with USC, for employee ID put 10 0's, Position type=volunteer, affiliation=USC (see screenshot example)

  4.  Key staff will complete the Social-Behavioral Human Subjects training. Which is outlined on the following website. Will need to access via iStar account if they do not have a citi certificate through another university