MyPath Evaluation Baseline Survey Procedures

TL: Team Lead

RA: Research Assistant

CLRA: Computer Lab Research Assistant

  • TL - Approaches potential participant: Can I tell you about the MyPath  Study we’re conducting to see if you are interested in participating? The study involves youth answering questions about their attitudes and behaviors on a tablet. It takes about an 40 minutes and you’ll get $20 in cash.

  • TL -Introduce study: The MyPath study is a study to reduce violence by supporting mindfulness and yoga programming for young people experiencing homelessness. If you’re interested, someone will go over it in more detail with you.

  • TL - Write name down on sign up sheet sheet. Pass off to available RA or wait until RA available.

  • RA -  Consent: Hand participant their own copy of consent form to read and keep. Describe study in more detail by reviewing highlights of the consent form for youth. Make sure you mention that:
    • Purpose is to understand youths’ attitudes and behaviors to inform services for youth
    • Your participation is voluntary
    • Your information is anonymous
    • Exception to anonymity will be if you describe suicide, homicide or abuse in detail
    • Risk could include thinking about sensitive topics like sexual risk behaviors and homelessness experiences
    • Benefits include helping to inform programs about the youths’ needs
    • $20 in cash for your time (survey will take about 30 mins after complete locator form)
  • RA - Contact Information Form / REALM
  • CLRA - Set up on qualtrics: We want to reduce distractions while you are filling out the survey. Please silence any phones and don’t use them until survey is over unless it is an emergency. Please don’t sit by friends or talk with others until the survey is complete so that everyone can concentrate. Please feel free to listen to music while doing the survey.
  • TL - Pay incentive of $20