Point Source Youth

Innovative Housing Solutions for youth Evaluation


Point Source Youth has identified three distinct and underutilized interventions that, when working as components of a continuum of care for young adults experiencing homelessness, increase the quantity and quality of housing options available to homeless and precariously housed youth.  Recognizing that a “one size fits all” strategy often does not accommodate the variety of needs of all homeless youth or the changing intensity of need that youth experience.


Rapid Rehousing for Young People Previously Experiencing Homelessness: An In-depth Look at te six month impact

Lens Collective LLC with Point Source Youth developed the Point Source Youth Evaluation to help cities and municipalities implement the three interventions for which Point Source Youth Advocates: rapid rehousing, family strengthening, and host homes. The Point Source Youth Evaluation is currently ongoing in San Jose, CA, Venice, CA, Baltimore, MD and New York City, NY. For each city, Point Source Youth partners with local programs with considerable experience serving homeless, LGBTQ, and/or youth populations.  The evaluation project aims to assess the impact of the three interventions outlined above for the duration of one year. The project also aims to assess the feasibility and processes of implementing the programs. Multiple sources of data will be gathered to reach the aims of the evaluation including longitudinal quantitative data, qualitative interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, and administrative data.