#MyPath50 KeepCup - Reusable Coffee Cup

#MyPath50 KeepCup - Reusable Coffee Cup


The #MyPath50 KeepCup is a social purpose product.

All profits from the #MyPath50 KeepCup go directly to providing mindfulness and yoga to young people experiencing homelessness. The profits will go directly to the facilitation of MyPath workshops in nonprofits in Los Angeles and scholarships for MyPath Ambassadors to become Mindfulness and Yoga certified.

We love the KeepCup mission. Did you know 58 billion paper coffee cups are tossed out annually in the United States ALONE and every four paper cups manufactured equals one pound of C02 emissions?

With the #MyPath50 KeepCup you:

  1. Reduce your carbon emissions and global impact

  2. Remind yourself and others to take 50 seconds of mindfulness

  3. Provide mindfulness and yoga to young people experiencing homelessness

Why 50?

It’s That 50. It's The Middle Before Going To 0-100. Where You Get To Decide What You Want To Do. It’s Thinking Before You React. Not Letting Your Emotions Get The Best Of You. Practicing That And Making It A Skill That You Could Practice Throughout Life.

50 Is a tool to remind us to pause. Take a breath. Tune into your body. Inhale. Exhale. Count Up To 5. Count Down To 1. Pause. Repeat. You’ve just practiced 50 Seconds Of Mindfulness. Use 50 As A Tool For Yourself And To Share.

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