Core values

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Accountability and Transparency

Lens Co accounts for its activities, accepts responsibility for them, and discloses the results in a transparent manner. We lack hidden agendas and conditions, as can be evidenced by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

Community Inclusive

Lens Co approaches all projects with the intention of inclusion, prioritizing the unique experiences, needs, and history of every community that we partner with. We value diversity and engaging community members at every step of the process. We believe that being community inclusive includes reflective learning and facilitating dialogue.

Creative Dissemination

It takes an estimated seventeen years for research to translate into actual practice. In part, resulting from the disconnect between scientists and the general public. At Lens Co, we believe that research and implementation can be fun through creative dissemination that harnesses unique partnerships and technological advances.


Ethically Informed

Lens Co utilizes a top-ranking university’s Institutional Review Board to ensure that our research protocol adheres to the highest standards to protect participants involved in the study.

Contextually Appropriate

Lens Co uses a trauma-aware lens at every stage of our process. Our team has extensive experience working in partnership with a diversity of populations, which not only grounds us in understanding the complexities of human experiences, but also the realities of operating social service organizations. We value our projects being approachable, interpretable and replicable.

Data as Voice

There is a growing prioritization to have individuals with lived experience driving policy, practice and program decisions that impact them. Community-based research can function as advocacy by allowing people, who may not be able to contribute in another way, to use their voice to drive decisions.